THE AIM is to achieve world standards of rendering borehole geophysical investigation services by means of using modern technologies and expanding the range of services taking into account local features and achievements of home and foreign instrument engineering.

  • Historical reference
    1966PGWA was established
    1987- 1987-the transition to the computerized digital records was launched
    1997-the equipment for borehole operating ranges identification was purchased
    1998-the agreement with the company Dynamite Nobel was signed and perforating jobs in the boreholes using high penetration perforating systems were launched
    1999- the transition to the digital system of data processing and interpretation was completed


Administration Director
Shcherbyna Oleg Leonidovych telephone 8(0532) 56-73-36

Chief Engineer
Danchuk Oleg Victorovych telephone 8(0532) 56-80-22

Production Deputy Director
Trifonov Eugen Valentynovych telephone -

Economic Issues Deputy Director
Saenko Valentyna Vasylivna telephone 8(0532) 56-70-64


    • Boryslavske Drilling Department
    • Dolynske Drilling Department
    • Okhtyrske Drilling Department
    • Closed Joint-Stock Company Plast
    • Karlivske Oil-Gas Prospecting Expedition
    • Krasnogradska Oil-Gas Prospecting Expedition
    • Okhtyrkanaftogaz (Okhtyrka Oil Gas Company)
    • Poltavanaftogaz (Poltava Oil Gas Company)
    • Poltavagazvydobuvannia (Poltava Gas-Extraction Company)
    • Kharkivgazvydobuvannia (Kharkiv Gas-Extraction Company)
    • Poltavanaftogasgeologiya (Poltava Oil-Gas Geological Company)
    • Poltavske Boring Department
    • Khrestyschenske Boring Department
    • Joint Polish-Ukrainian Enterprise Devon
    • Joint British-Ukrainian Enterprise Poltava Gas and Oil Company
    • Joint Canadian-Ukrainian Enterprise Kashtan-Petroleum
    • State Joint-Stock Company Chornomornaftogaz (Chornomorska Oil Gas Company)
    • Kharkivtransgaz (Kharkiv Trans-Gas Company)