Basic Services:

         Production activities of PE Poltava Geophysical Works Administration are connected with the organization and execution of industrial perforating and shooting operations while exploring, prospecting and oil-, gas- and other minerals field operating, as well as complex interpretation of the geological and geophysical data on-site.

         Public Enterprise Poltava Geophysical Works Administration (PGWA), Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine is a service enterprise, which has at its disposal state-of-the-art technology and practices for the execution of range of high-performance geophysical investigations (GI) in prospecting boreholes, exploratory and production wells, as well as in the boreholes of producing well stock during oil- and gas-field development and gas reservoirs supervision.

         Operating the wells on the territory of Dneprovsko-Donetska Depression (DDD) for more than 30 years, meeting the conditions of every agreement timely and properly, PE Poltava Geophysical Works Administration has found acceptance and gained well-deserved prestige with its Customers. Carrying out timely and competent technical modernization, 10 years ago PE PGWA was the first of similar Ukrainian enterprises to entirely switch over to the usage of computerized well logging systems in GI and to introduce computer bundled software instruments for geophysical data processing and interpretation. It gave an opportunity to increase the efficiency of geophysical investigations considerably and to enhance the means of rendering better services of higher quality to the Customers.

         At Customers will, both graphical presentation data (diagrams and graphs) and processed measurement data are issued directly on the borehole site using the methods of section gage logging, cement-bond logging, directional and deviation survey and impulse neutron-neutron logging (INNL).

         In case of production need immediately after the measuring, the data received can be transferred through international satellite communication channels to the GI data processing and interpretation centre of Poltava GWA in order to speed up the decision-making as to the specific well. After the processing and interpretation, the GI data is transferred through communication channels (modem) straight to the Customer.

         Efficient discovery of pay horizons is provided by the available and accurate perforating technique performances:

-        tubing perforation under pressure;  

-        pressure drawdown perforation through the tubing in sealed wellhead by wireline pressure-control equipment ULG 65 35 ( 65 35);

-        perforation while tubing pressure drawdown, which allows to put a well on production immediately without pulling the tubing.

     Various types of state-of-the-art perforating systems and jet charges are used for the perforation:

-        Ukrainian manufacture ZP-1-67-150 (-1-67-150);

-        Russian Manufacture ZPKO-89-200 (-89-200); ZPKO -89 (-89); ZPKS -80 (-80); PR-43 (-43);

-        German manufacture Dynamit Nobel company different modifications with high penetration;

-        American manufacture Owen and Schlumberger companies.

The enterprise carries out different services, such as cement bridging mounting, GI with the aim of technological well condition supervision, identification and elimination of drilling tools sticking, spotting of casing and tubing leakage, annular formation fluids cross-flow, lost circulation gaps, drilling mud perforation, identification and elimination of other borehole emergencies.

     In the act of borehole drilling the enterprise carries out geological technological investigations, which allow the company to solve technological and geological problems in the drilling process, to detect promising borehole cross-section gaps, to assess saturation nature and to prevent gas contamination of the drilling mud and uncontrolled gas blowout.

The investigations in the boreholes of producing well stock during oil and gas-field development supervision are carried out by means of time-domain measurements by impulse neutron-neutron logging INNL, gamma-ray logging (GRL) and acoustic logging (AL). Through this work package the following key tasks are performed:

-        current oil-water contact (gas-water contact ) depth in operating horizons is defined;

-        specification and updating of reservoir beds saturation is carried out;

-        new payout beds with abnormally low resistance, which according to the GI data were previously defined as water-saturated beds, are explored.

Analysis of the time-domain measurements by impulse neutron-neutron logging indicates that this method of the exploration of payout beds with abnormally low resistance is geologically efficient enough (50%).

The following equipment is used for GI in development wells during oil- and gas-field development and gas reservoirs supervision:

-        bundled software instrument AINK-43 (-43 ) aimed at dual impulse neutron-neutron logging in open and cased boreholes, as well as in the boreholes of producing well stock equipped with tubing, and primary GI data processing;

-        borehole equipment AGDK-42-8GKL (-42-8 ) aimed at field development and production supervision of oil-, gas- and gas-condensate fields and gas reservoir operations supervision with simultaneous registration of eight parameters (gamma-ray log, locator, pressure gauge thermometer, rate-of-flow meter, Water-Holdup Meter, thermal flow-meter);

-        computerized unit KS-2 control (-2 ) aimed at gas fields and reservoirs supervision;

-        geophysical lubricating unit ULG-6535 (-6535) aimed at GI, perforating and shooting operations in running oil-, gas- and gas-condensate wells through tubing at field site and in gas reservoirs.

The system of metrological control by metrological services ensures receiving of reliable geophysical data as a result of GI as well as ensures its particular accuracy and precision. All surface borehole equipment is thoroughly tested in the metrological services from time to time and after every maintenance operation, and borehole equipment operational capability is checked in a model borehole.

Highly skilled specialists of the control-interpretation crew use state-of-the-art computer technologies and software to supervise quality of geophysical investigations of the boreholes as well as data processing and interpretation.

         PE PGWA is consistently carrying out technical re-equipment and improvement of enterprise technical potential and supplies making the best of conversion potential of the Ukrainian defence establishment and other enterprises.

         Poltava geophysical works administration is willing to collaborate on mutually beneficial terms with everyone interested in our activities irrespective of geographical location of operation site.