Public Enterprise "Poltava Geophysical Works Administration"

          Public enterprise Poltava geophysical works administration (PGWA), Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine is the first industrial geophysical enterprise in the petroleum industry of Ukraine. PGWA was set up in 1966 with the aim of rendering industrial geophysical services to the oil-and-gas production enterprises of Ukraine.

     Production activities and services of PE Poltava Geophysical Works Administration are connected with the organization and execution of industrial perforating and shooting operations while exploring, prospecting and oil-, gas- and other minerals field operating, as well as complex interpretation of the geological and geophysical data on-site.

     Public Enterprise Poltava Geophysical Works Administration (PGWA), Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine is a service enterprise, which has at its disposal state-of-the-art technology and practices for the execution of range of high-performance geophysical investigations (GI) in prospecting boreholes, exploratory and production wells, as well as in the boreholes of producing well stock during oil- and gas-field development and gas reservoirs supervision.

  Mailing address:
Ukraine, 36007, Poltava, Zavodska Street, 16.
Telephone (0532)56-73-36 Fax 56-86-21